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Most of us consider our pets as family members and often refer to them as our babies.  There will be times when you want to go away for vacation, a weekend getaway, or just out for the day.  What should you do with your pets? You can ask your neighbor, a family member (when it’s time to fire the family), kennel them, or choose a professional pet sitter.

With so many options available, it all can be a bit overwhelming.  What is the best option for your pets? Where will your pets be most comfortable?  Who will put your mind at ease?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking. (Why hire a professional pet sitter?) We come to your home to care for you pets.  We are dedicated to providing reliable, quality, professional service so that you and  your pet feel comfortable.

We are insured!

Best in Pet Services is currently insured thru Mourer and Foster’s Kennel Pro plan.  Our liability insurance covers your pets and home while in our care.  Our staff of sitters are also fully covered under this plan.  Your pet and home are protected under our care.

We are a professional pet sitting and dog walking service!

Our commitment is focused entirely on the care of your pet.  Hiring Best in Pet Services is a guarantee that your pet sitter will show up at the agreed upon visits.  You don’t have to worry about when and if someone will be there to care for your pets.  We have policies and procedures in place so you know exactly what to expect.  The care of your pet is our top priority.

We have an emergency plan in place!

An emergency can happen at any time; a death in the family, a car accident, or an unexpected illness that results in hospitalization.  While you are away, you don’t want to worry about trying to make it home because something happened to the person who should be caring for your pets.  Best in Pet Services has a staff of trained pet sitters and dog walkers.  Our staff consist of employees who are all back ground checked and covered under our liability insurance.  In the event of a pet sitter emergency, one of our qualified pet sitters can fill in. We do not use the outsourced services of  Independent Contractors.

Pets stay where they are most comfortable!

Professional pet sitting & dog walking

Of course your pets want to be with you wherever you are but if they can’t go, they  would much rather be at home.  This is where your pets are most comfortable.  Home is where they feel secure!  Best in Pet Services comes to your pet. The pets have their same familiar routine and we provide companionship and care.  Everyone is happy!

We provide quality pet care that you can rely on and trust!

Best in Pet Services is dedicated to providing you with reliable, trustworthy, professional pet care.  Our relationships with our clients and pets are of the utmost importance to us.    The key to a stress free pet sitting experience for you and your pet is knowing and trusting your pet sitter. (How Can I Trust You?).

We want you to go away to relax and not stress about your pets.  To put your mind at ease, we make sure you get all the updates and pictures you want while you are away.  We also leave daily note updates for you to read when you arrive home.  Our service is dedicated to the care of your pets.  Hiring a professional service who you can trust and rely on will provide you with PEACE of MIND.


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We would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions, want to know anything about us, please don’t hesitate to call.  We would love getting to know you and your pets!


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