Looking for a Pet Sitter – What’s Really Important?


What You Need To Know!

When choosing the right pet sitter, most pet parents think they need a page full of references.  Although all pet sitters should have references it should not be the main factor in determining your decision.  I would be very surprised if the references gave anything other than very positive feedback.

More important than references, is the pet sitter bonded and insured? How long have they been pet sitting?

The care of your pets and home while you are away are your  main concern.  You want to go away to relax not worried about your pets.  Although pet care can be expensive, remember the cheapest service is not always the best. We have all heard “You Get What You Pay For”.

To have peace of mind, choose the pet sitter that gives you that secure feeling.

How Do You Feel Secure?

The best way to find a sitter that you are comfortable with is to ask for referrals.  Where can you get referrals?  From your veterinarian office, groomers, friends, family,  neighbors, or coworkers.  People are happy to share with you the good and bad about services they have used.

Meet the pet sitter.Looking for a pet sitter in Beaver County PA

  • How did they interact with you and the pet?
  • Did they appear professional?
  • Were there contracts and contact information to review?
  • What will the pet sitter do in an emergency, either theirs or with your pets?
  • How do they handle your house keys?
  • Do they have a backup in the event they can no longer care for the pet?


Don’t be afraid to trust someone with your home and pets. Do your research and get to know the person.  There are many reputable, reliable, trust worthy pet sitters.  They will love and pamper your pets so you can enjoy time off.

Choosing the right pet sitter and building a relationship with them will provide you with peace of mind.  It will be a  huge relief to be able to go away knowing your pets are receiving the best care

Looking for a Pet Sitter