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Daycare is great for pet owners who work long hours or need to run errands and are concerned about leaving their pets home alone during the day. All dogs are social creatures that thrive around other dogs. With us your pup will get an opportunity to make friends and to learn how to behave in social situations. Here at  we offer both HalfDay Daycare and Full Day Daycare to accommodate all pet owners with all sorts of schedules!

Prior to beginning any daycare attendance, you will have to schedule a mandatory free consultation. We ask that you bring your pets most recent vaccination record, which you can obtain from your veterinarian's office. There are three mandatory vaccines which your pet will need to have prior to the consultation and they are:
Rabies, Bordetella and DA2PP/Distemper. If you do not have these vaccines, we will be unable to perform the consultation until your dog receives the required vaccinations, which can be done at your regular vet, or you can have them done at Mt. Sinai Animal Clinic, located on the same floor as our facility.

Complementary Outside Walks are included in both Half Day Daycare & Full Day Daycare services. We will also be more than happy to feed your pet if you provide us with their food. You are free to bring individual portions each day or leave a bag of food with us which will be labeled&given to your pets at the times you instruct us to.

We also offer Valet Daycare, where you can drop off your pet for an hour or two, for $10 an hour.

Pick up and drop off services are also available and are to be scheduled in advance in order to be completed.

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