• We provide outdoor activities that promote both mental and physical stimulation for your pet.
  • Swimming, dog cycling, lure coursing, socialization with other guests, training and more.
  • Organized play is set up by size and temperament.
  • There is 24 hour adult supervision
  • In order to help us have full knowledge of our guests, we interview each potential guest in their home, with their owners, before accepting them as guests.
  • Board & Train program

Special Needs/Behavioral Needs/Medical Boarding

  • Post Operative Care: We have helped to rehabilitate pets recovering from a whole host of surgeries including Spay, Neuter, ACL and more.
  • We  provide expert supportive medical care  for pets with existing medical conditions including diabetes, addisons, cushings, canine chiari, canine epilepsy, arthritis and more.
  • We provide expert care for pets who exhibit anxiety. We believe our setting in the country helps to alleviate stress induced behaviors that are often exhibited in city environments or crowded indoor facilities.

Most importantly we love what we do.  Taking care of your pets by providing a fun, safe and loving environment has always been our dream.  We continue to be honored by the relationships we have formed with our clients and their companions.PRICE LIST

Meet & Greet

  • To ensure the best quality care, we provide a complimentary consultation prior to your first service.  Maintaining the daily routine in your pet’s life is important as it helps them feel more relaxed and secure.

Country Boarding

  • Daily Rate:  $80 per day for a one dog family
  • For multi-dog households the rate is $80 for the first plus $40 per sibling.
  • Transportation Fee:  $10 each way
  • What’s Included:
    • Pick up and Drop off are door to door and five days a week
    • Nail trim
    • Ear cleaning
    • Bath
    • All medication preparation and administration
  • Discounts:  For stays that are 10 consecutive days or more every 10th day is free

Board & Train 

  • Our board/train program is unique.  We offer well balanced training with tons of one-on-one interaction with your dog. Prices vary based on your individual needs.

Dog Walking

  • We service lower Manhattan seven days a week from the hours of 7am to 10pm.
  • Fees:
    • 30 minute = $30
    • 60 minute = $40
    • Relief walks = $20 (If requested in addition to same day regularly scheduled walk)

*We walk up to two dogs at a time, private walks are available (additional charge)

Walk & Train 

  • Dogs crave routine and need constant positive reinforcement throughout their lives. We practice basic obedience, such as polite leash walking and more.
  • We have several packages available. Discounts are available for multi-pet households and multiple walks per day. Please inquire within for more details.

What's included in Dog Walking and Walk & Train services:

    • Becoming part of the TPS family!
    • Access to immediate service from a NYS licensed vet tech and a certified positive dog trainer
    • Daily walks are provided by trained staff that are fully bonded and insured.
    • Daily correspondence
    • Walks in all weather
    • The scheduling of vet appointments
    • Food and supply pickup and delivery
    • Medication administration

Customized Transportation and Pet Relocation Services

  • We are USDA certified class H pet handlers and certified for transportation. We have some of the finest vehicles in the industry all are clean and serviced for your pets comfort and safety. All vehicles are inspected yearly by the USDA.
  • Whether traveling domestically or internationally by land, air or sea we can customize a travel plan just for you. We are experts in making domestic, foreign and overseas travel arrangements.