5 Tips to Safely Hire a Pet Sitter


Here are 5 tips to safely hire a pet sitter.

1.  Look for a professional pet sitter. Professional pet sitters take their business seriously.  They have worked hard on building their reputation and business. You can guarantee they will show up and provide exceptional care of your pets and home, their business depends on it.  (Looking for a pet sitter?)

2.  Ask for referrals from your friends, family, and other pet professionals such as veterinarians and groomers. They are only going to refer a pet sitter they have used and trust with their home and pets.  You can rely on their honest feedback about pet sitters they have used.

3.  Hire an insured and bonded pet sitter. This is very important.  Hiring a pet sitter who’s insured protects you and your pets.  Unintentional accidents can happen and a pet sitter with liability insurance covers these mishaps. Never put yourself at risk by hiring an uninsured pet sitter.

4.  Choose a pet sitter with contracts, policies and procedures in place. Having these things in place lets you know that the pet sitter is responsible.  Contracts will cover what you can expect from services.   Policies and procedures will clearly define how to schedule services, how to pay for service, how to cancel service and the costs for services. Along with contracts, pet sitters will also get emergency contact and pet profile information so that in the event of emergencies, they are able to contact you.

5.  Meet the pet sitter. Get to know the pet sitter.  See how they present themselves and how they interact with your pet.  Do you feel totally at ease with them?  More importantly, how does your pet feel around them?  Pet are a good judge of character!

Hiring a pet sitter doesn’t have to be scary.  There are many professional pet sitters who are in this business because they deeply love caring for pets.  Your pets and home shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone.  Finding the right pet sitter will really put your mind at ease and your pets will be happy staying at home being loved and cared for.