10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter!

Here are 10 Reasons to Hire  a

Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Your brother works full time and often overtime, who knows when he will get there to feed and let the dogs out.

Hire a professional pet sitter  so you know what days and around what times someone will be there.

2.  Ms Nebbs, your neighbor likes to snoop.  She likes to help out but she is so nosy.

The professional pet sitter doesn’t care what you have or want to go through your things, they only care about the welfare of your pets.

3.  Dad feeds the dogs wings and fries then totally forgets the dogs food.  The people food does havoc on their digestive systems and you come home to some not so nice presents on the floor.

If you are worried about your pets feeding routine, hire a professional pet, they will follow your instructions exactly.

4.  Your sister just lucked out and last minute someone gave her tickets to the Garth Brooks concert and she plans on staying the night in town. Do you think she really wants to give that up to stay home and let the dogs out and do you want her to?

Once you schedule your visits with a professional pet sitter, they are committed to the dates they confirmed with you so you have no worries that they will miss visits to attend a concert.

5.  Your father ties your hyper, energetic 1 year old lab out on a lead while he is inside watching the football game.

If you want your dog walked, played with or tired out, hire a professional pet sitter.  They understand letting dogs release pent up energy through activity helps eliminate destructive and unwanted bad behavior.

6.  When it’s pouring down rain  or the roads have an inch of snow, your mother won’t call you to see if she still has to go out in the bad weather to let the dogs out at night.  Can’t she just go in the morning?  The dogs will be ok holding it for 15 hours,  right?

No matter what the weather, your professional pet sitter will be there to care for your pets or in the case of extreme weather conditions will have an emergency plan in place.

7.  Your son refuses to scoop the litter box and when you come home the cat decided to go elsewhere because there was no more room in his potty box.

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is of the  utmost importance to a professional pet sitter and scooping litter daily is very important for your cats health.

8.  The neighbor kid has a full schedule; school, sports, a job, and a girlfriend. He rushes in to put some food down and water, and let the dogs out for 5 minutes not even paying attention if dog potties.  Dog doesn’t have time to sniff and scout out potty location so goes in the house after neighbor leaves.

Rushing through a pet visit is unacceptable to a professional pet sitter.  They are committed to being there with your pet for as long as it takes to properly care for your pet as well as give your pet the attention they crave while you are away.

9.  Since your neighbor took care of your dogs and cat for your romantic weekend away, now you are stuck going over to their place 3 times a day for 10 days and you are totally inconvenienced. You just want to enjoy your evening at home watching your favorite reality tv shows.

It is really nice to have cheap pet care by having a neighbor do it but how cheap is it when you have to give up time to reciprocate? Just as it is an inconvenience for you remember it is for your neighbor too. Hire a professional pet sitter so you don’t inconvenience each other.

10 PEACE of MIND! Go away and relax knowing your pets are being looked after by someone who takes their care seriously and who will spend time with them. Hire a professional pet sitter (Top Ten Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter) and enjoy your time away.


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